The price of the dollar in Egypt on Monday, February 22, 2021

The exchange rate of the dollar against the Egyptian pound rose on Monday 22 February 2021, in most banks, in exchange companies and in the Central Bank.

On the Website of the Central Bank of Egypt, the exchange rate of the dollar recorded 15.6067 pounds for purchase and 15.7064 pounds for sale, compared to 15.6069 pounds for purchase and 15.7067 pounds for sale, on Sunday.

Today’s dollar exchange rate
The dollar price at The National Bank of Egypt (the largest government bank) was 15.59 pounds for purchase and 15.69 pounds for sale, the same rates as bank of Egypt (the second largest government bank).

At CIB, Egypt’s largest private bank, the dollar recorded 15.60 pounds for purchase and 15.70 pounds for sale.

Currency rates in Egyptian banks today
Eur and GBP
At the Central Bank, the euro against the pound rose to 18.9106 for purchase and 19.0377 for sale, compared to 18.8282 pounds for purchase and 18.9517 pounds for sale, the same as yesterday’s price.

The exchange rate of the pound also increased to 21.8712 pounds for purchase and 22.0188 pounds for sale, compared to 21.7389 pounds for purchase and 21.8810 pounds for sale.

Rial, dirham and dinar
Also at the Central Bank, the average exchange rate of the Saudi riyal in Egypt rose to 4.1611 pounds for purchase and 4.1879 pounds for sale, compared to 4.1610 pounds for purchase and 4.1878 pounds for sale.

This came in parallel with the rise of the exchange rate of the Uae dirham to 4.2488 pounds for purchase and 4.2763 pounds for sale, compared to 4.2485 pounds for purchase and 4.2765 pounds for sale.

The average price of the Kuwaiti dinar was 51.6435 pounds for purchase and 51.9907 pounds for sale, compared to 51.5166 pounds for purchase and 51.9177 pounds for sale.

Economic improvement
Egypt’s economic indicators are improving despite the Corona pandemic, amid a state of stability in the exchange market with the availability of foreign exchange.

The dollar is expected to fall against the pound in the coming days, with official data on the rise in remittances from Egyptians abroad despite the Corona pandemic.

Remittances from Egyptians working abroad rose significantly in 2020, representing strong support for the pound against the dollar.

The Central Bank of Egypt announced that the country received $27.1 billion in remittances from Egyptians working abroad from January to the end of November 2020.

In early February, the central bank announced a rise in foreign cash reserves to $40.1 billion in January, up $37 million from December.

Data from the Egyptian Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics showed that consumer price inflation in Egyptian cities fell to 4.3% year-on-year in January, from 5.4% in December.