Gold and currency prices in Saudi Arabia on Monday 22-2-2021

The prices of Arab and foreign currencies in Saudi Arabia stabilized on Monday 22-2-2021, against the Saudi riyal, and recorded 1 US dollar stable at 3.75 Saudi riyals and 1 Saudi riyal for 0.27 US dollars, while 1 euro settled at 4.54 Saudi riyals, and 1 Saudi riyal at 0.22 euros.

Globally, the dollar trimmed its losses in early European trading after reaching a multi-year low against the pound and The Australian and New Zealand currencies as bond yields rose as progress in corona immunization programmes and expectations of accelerated economic growth and inflation.

U.S. Treasury and 10-year German government bonds yields were the highest in a year and eight months, respectively.

Today’s currency rates in Saudi Arabia were as follows:

1 US dollar registers 3.75 Saudi riyals.

1 Saudi Riyal registers 0.27 US dollars.

Euro (EUR)

1 euro registers 4.54 Saudi riyals.

1 Saudi Riyal scored 0.22 euros.

Japanese yen (JPY)

1 Japanese yen registers 0.04 Saudi riyals.

1 Saudi Riyal scoring 28.17 Japanese yen.

Egyptian Pound (EGP)

1 Egyptian pounds registers 0.24 Saudi riyals.

1 Saudi Riyal registers 4.17 Egyptian pounds.


AED 1 record1.02 Saudi riyals.

1 Saudi Riyal scoring 0.98 AED.

Gold prices rose in Saudi Arabia, where the price of gold “caliber 24” in Saudi Arabia was recorded at 216.77 Saudi riyals against yesterday price of 215.31 riyals.

Gold prices also rose globally on Monday after reaching a seven-month low in the previous session, as support from the weak dollar overshadowed the pressure caused by rising treasury bond yields.

Gold prices came today in the capital markets in Saudi Arabia in the Saudi riyal as follows:

Price of gold 24 caliber

SR 216.77 for $57.80

Price of gold 22 caliber

SR 198.71 for $52.98

Price of gold 21 caliber

About SR 189.68 for $50.57

Price of 18-carat gold

SR 162.58 or $43.35

Price of 14-carat gold

SR 126.45 for $33.72

Price of 12-carat gold

About SR 108.39 for $28.90

Price of an ounce of gold

About 6,742 riyals equivalent to $1,798

Price of gold pounds

About 1,517 riyals equivalent to $404.59

Price of a kilo of gold

About 216,771 Riyals equivalent to $57,797