Gold prices on Sunday 21-2-2021 in Egypt

We publish details of gold prices on Sunday, February 21, 2021 in Egypt as well as internationally, where gold today registers 782 pounds per gram of caliber 21, which is the best-selling in Egypt.

Gold prices today:
18 caliber recorded 670 pounds.

24 caliber recorded 894 pounds.

21 caliber recorded 782 pounds.

Pound gold registers 6256 pounds.

An ounce of gold was $1,784.

Gold made up for some of its losses after falling to its lowest level in more than seven months at the close of trading this week, but remains on track to record the worst weekly performance since the end of November 2020, as the attractiveness of the yellow metal, which does not yield returns declined due to higher yields on U.S. Treasury bonds.

U.S. gold futures fell 0.3 percent to $1,769.20 in this week’s trading, but the outlook for the new week starting Monday is expected to rise.

Harish F. head of commodity research at Geojet Financial Services said prices rebounded after reaching technical support at $1,760, which is why we are seeing some recovery in the new week, but added that gold will continue to come under pressure due to optimism surrounding the recovery of the global economy, strong economic data, higher yields and a stable dollar.