Gold prices on Monday 22-2-2021 in Egypt

We publish gold prices on Monday, February 22, 2021 in Egypt as well as internationally, where gold today registers 786 pounds per gram of caliber 21, which is the best-selling in Egypt.

Gold prices today:

18 caliber recorded 674 pounds.

24 caliber record 900 pounds.

21 caliber recorded 786 pounds.

Pound gold registers 6288 pounds.

Mamdouh Abdullah, one of the producers of gold, said that the world price of gold rose from 1780 dollars to 1798 dollars, which reflected the price of gold in Egypt, to rise again after a week of major declines, which recorded globally more than 50 dollars and domestically about 16 pounds.

He added in special remarks, that gold is now trying to compensate for its losses suffered during the course of last week’s trading, and it seems that gold may rise again in trading on Tuesday, but will not be a big rise for a number of reasons, the most important of which is that the attractiveness of bonds still affects the decisions of investors, as well as because the dollar is seeing its recovery partial and then the costs of acquiring gold may be a little higher.