The dollar price in Sudan on Sunday, February 21, 2021

The dollar rose against the Sudanese pound on Sunday in parallel (black) market transactions, while the banks settled.

Sudan’s dollar hit a black market of 370 pounds, up from 365 pounds yesterday, according to local media.

The dollar price at the Central Bank of Sudan has stabilized at 55 pounds for purchase and 55.27 pounds for sale.

Sudan has been in deep economic crisis since a transitional government came to power in mid-2019 after a popular uprising.

Annual inflation in The Sudan jumped to its highest level in decades, as living conditions deteriorated in the country, which is in difficult economic conditions.

Eur and GBP
The euro at the central bank settled at 66.21 pounds for purchase and 66.54 pounds for sale.

The european currency on the black market rose to 430 pounds from 421 pounds yesterday.

The pound also stabilized at 76.17 pounds for purchase and 76.55 pounds for sale.

The British currency fell on the parallel market to 480 pounds from 474 pounds yesterday.

Rial, dirham and dinar
According to the Central Bank of Sudan website, the Saudi riyal settled at 14.67 pounds for purchase and 14.74 pounds for sale.

The average price of the Saudi currency on the black market has stabilized at 95 pounds.

The price of the Uae dirham at the central bank remained at 14.97 pounds for purchase and 15.04 pounds for sale.

The uae currency on the parallel market was 97 pounds compared to 95 pounds yesterday.

The Kuwaiti dinar was fixed at 181.52 pounds for purchase and 182.43 pounds for sale.

The price of kuwaiti currency on the informal (black) market was 821 pounds.