Gold and currency prices in Saudi Arabia on Sunday 21-2-2021

The prices of Arab and foreign currencies in Saudi Arabia varied on Sunday 21-2-2021, against the Saudi riyal, and recorded 1 US dollar stable at 3.75 Saudi riyals and 1 Saudi riyal 0.27 Us dollars, while 1 euro recorded a discrepancy to record 4.54 Saudi riyals against its price by 4.55 Saudi riyals, and 1 riyal fixed at a price of 0.22 euros.

Brent crude futures recorded their fifth straight weekly gain, ending on Friday, up 0.8% from the previous week’s end of the week, and U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) contracts recorded their first weekly loss in three weeks, down 0.4% from the end of the previous week.

Today’s currency rates in Saudi Arabia were as follows:

1 US dollar = 3.75 Saudi riyals.

1 Saudi Riyal = 0.27 US dollars.
Euro (EUR)
1 euro = 4.54 Saudi riyals against its price before it was 4.55 Saudi riyals

1 Saudi Riyal = 0.22 euros.
Japanese yen (JPY)
1 Japanese yen = 0.04 Saudi riyals.

1 Saudi riyal = 28.14 Japanese yen against its price before it was 28.11 Japanese yen.
Egyptian Pound (EGP)
1 Egyptian pounds = 0.24 Saudi riyals.

1 Saudi Riyal = 4.17 Egyptian pounds.
AED 1 = 1.02 Saudi Riyals.

1 Saudi Riyal = 0.98 AED.

Gold prices fell in Saudi Arabia, where the price of gold “caliber 24” in Saudi Arabia was recorded at 215.31 Saudi riyals against yesterday’s price of 215.34 riyals.

U.S. gold futures fell 0.3 percent to $1,769.20 in this week’s trading, but the outlook for the new week starting Monday is expected to rise.

Harish F. head of commodity research at Geojet Financial Services said prices rebounded after reaching technical support at $1,760, which is why we are seeing some recovery in the new week, but added that gold will continue to come under pressure due to optimism surrounding the recovery of the global economy, strong economic data, higher yields and a stable dollar.

Gold prices came today in the capital markets in Saudi Arabia in the Saudi riyal as follows:

Price of gold 24 caliber
SR 215.31 for $57.41
Price of gold 22 caliber
About 197.37 Riyals equivalent to $52.63
Price of gold 21 caliber
About SR 188.40 for $50.24
Price of 18-carat gold
SR 161.48 or $43.06
Price of 14-carat gold
About SR 125.60 for $33.49
Price of 12-carat gold
SR 107.65 for $28.71
Price of an ounce of gold
About 6,696 riyals equivalent to $1,786
Price of gold pounds
About 1,507 Riyals equivalent to $401.91
Price of a kilo of gold
About 215,306 riyals equivalent to $57,415